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Re: Cannonising the Kelvin

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This thread is about mine, and Kenneth Thomson Jr's effort to make the Kelvin in TOS canon.
For something to be TOS canon, shouldn't it have been on screen in TOS? (At least, I suppose you mean by TOS canon something like 'canon if you only take The Original Series (so the '66-'69 television series) into account and not all the series and movies that came after it'). And since it wasn't in there (I think), it isn't. There's hardly anything that can be done about that now by anyone except the owners of the Star Trek franchise is there? After all, only their word decides what 'official canon' is and to the best of my knowledge (but I might be wrong here) their word for the moment is that 'on screen = canon (with the exception of TAS), off screen = not canon'.

And who is Kenneth Thomson Jr.?
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