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Re: Why so little Uhura in ST3?

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Interesting (and by that I mean "confusing"), that a world would need an embassy to a Federation of which it is a member...
Members of the United Nations still have embassies in each other's countries. Why wouldn't Vulcans have a few places they could call home, just because they'd joined the UFP? Earth would have a few Earth embassies on Vulcan, too. The Vulcan Embassy on Earth was also mentioned in TMP (re Sonak's family).

but was it anything other than blind luck - that Mr. Adventure didn't starve to death before somebody just *happened* to find him? .
Did she lock him in, or just tell him to get into it, so he couldn't be penalized for what he'd otherwise witness?

She told Kirk she'd have him eating out her hand, so she didn't intend to leave him there forever.
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