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Re: Why so little Uhura in ST3?

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Why did she lock him in there anyway? He obviously couldn't do anything to actually stop her, since 1) she outranked him, and 2) she could probably kick his ass if he tried anything.
Once she beamed Kirk, McCoy, and Sulu up to the Enterprise, she had to make a break for it herself. Whether you buy into what McIntyre wrote (Uhura just barely makes it inside the Vulcan embassy gates as Starfleet security officers catch up to her)
Interesting (and by that I mean "confusing"), that a world would need an embassy to a Federation of which it is a member...

or you come up with an alternate means of her getting off-world and to Vulcan, locking Mr. Adventure in the closet means Uhura won't be missed from her sleepy little transporter station until her next check-in time. Whereas if Mr. Adventure is left to his own devices, you know he'll call security the minute she leaves the building.
So why didn't she just stun him with her phaser? No need to lock him in a closet. Who knows how long he was stuck in there before Starfleet just happened to stumble across him. I'm guessing it wasn't that long (since Uhura was apparently not charged with murder in the next film), but was it anything other than blind luck - that Mr. Adventure didn't starve to death before somebody just *happened* to find him? Shit, she must have been some kind of pissed just because of that one little verbal snit he made...
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