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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

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'GROPOS' is actually one of my favourites. Aside from the fun aspect of it giving a rare glimpse at ground warfare in a sci-fi setting it had some memorable, if a little clichéd guest characters (Large, Dodger, The General & the SgtMaj.) Most of all, it was a very important episode for Franklin; who some fans seam to have it in for, though I never understood why exactly. I remember hearing back during season three or four that JMS was planning on bringing Franklin senior back during the civil war and I was always curious as to why that was never followed up on.
Personally I wonder if he stayed loyal to Earthdome or defected to Sherian's side. Sure the guy may be hard headed, a bit of a gingoistic hawk but he wasn't stupid and after that ISN propoganda piece from 'Illusion Of Truth' you'd think he'd smell the BS. I mean while he may buy that Sheridan had lost it and "gone native" with the aliens, he knows his son well enough to know he's not about to start playing Dr Mengala with Lurkers.

I think General Franklin would have been a much better choice than General Lefcourt, who was the General that confronted Sheridan at Mars in 4x20 Endgame, as well as was David Sheridan's poker buddy in In the Beginning. There's nothing that Lefcourt brings to the role that Franklin Senior wouldn't have done better - and it would have given the whole thing much more of an emotion appeal (for the viewers).

Plus, it would have added significant weight to the choice to send Doctor Franklin with Sheridan on the mission (with G'kar) to meet the Minbari Ranger.

Maybe they weren't clear on how exactly to make Paul Winfield look young. Or maybe, they just wanted a another B5/DS9 crossover
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