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Re: Why so little Uhura in ST3?

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My understanding is that novelization writers work from at least a semi-final version of the script. Sometimes a major rewrite strikes portions of it or substantially alters them.
Yes, of course, but Vonda McIntyre also did lots of extrapolation of her own as she wrote the novelizations.

I know that at least one late version of the script of WoK (for example) has Saavik teasing David on the bridge in the final scene about "indeed being a bastard", which was part of the David/Saavik subplot.
Exactly, but the "subplot" was never actually there in the script. The teasing lines were the barest suggestion of an attraction, which McIntyre then had to develop into something more. It was more improvisation on set, and a hope (by Harve Bennett?) for what might come about if Saavik and David ever became the new Decker and Ilia of a series of telemovies, to carry the legacy after the departures of Nimoy and (eventually) Shatner.

Of course, at the time of writing "II", she didn't know that Saavik would end up have to do pon farr with young Spock in ST III, which further complicated the David scenes. IIRC, the novelization of ST II even had Saavik tinkering with the instructions for launching Spock's burial tube, not knowing if any of that would even be followed up in the writing of the third movie, if there was to be one.

It also has a reference to the "Hall of Ancient Thought"
Yep, and from that one line, McIntyre had to develop the whole katra-needs-to-reunite-with-body-one-more-time stuff, which is why Sarek was asking Kirk why Spock's body wasn't brought home.
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