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Re: Star Trek; Starfleet Academy

The idea for a Starfleet Academy is an intriguing one but some of the draw backs to it can be that it restrains the character as they are normally Earth bound. With that said I think you can work around that with sporadic episodes of the cadets visiting home for their breaks and special training operations. Plus seeing the federation from the ground up and the Academy would be interesting and if handled well could be thought provoking.

However, if you are going to do it as an animation, which I don't see any problem with [also more likely to happen than live action at the moment albeit whatever comes from the new movie], then there is greater scope to include more alien like characters. The three main characters are basically human.

Granted the bio-engineered character could have some other alterations - webbed hands, hooded eyes or something to do with an enhanced genetic design.

A Vulcan is very humanoid as is but on top of that your character is of half-human parentage. I think you can retain a lot of your character traits - his being competitive and sporty. Vulcans can easily be laconic in their reaction to things as they are emotionally controlled.

Andorians ought to be explored more within a Starfleet context and more of their traits society can be explored building on Enterprises Shran etc.

The Cardassian cadet would also be interesting especially after the Dominion war mind-set.

But again with animation you can have more alien creatures not limited to humanoid. TAS had Caitians and other other species which helped to differentiate it from the live action series.
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