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And I'm sorry, guys, but I go to anime conventions every year, and the amount of people that go to them number in the thousands, more than the local Star Trek convention that I also go to.
Right, because Star Trek is five TV series, and anime is a style with thousands of TV series. This doesn't make "anime style" (which is sort of a dopey piece of shorthand, considering that anime isn't so much a style as a French word the Japanese use for "cartoon" and encompasses as many art styles as there are artists) a good choice to bring from one to the other, especially considering that the vast majority of those animations are never watched by more than a tiny, tiny fraction of the American audience attained by even the least successful televised iterations of the Trek franchise.

"CGI" isn't a style, either.

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So there.
"So there?"

Hey, your show idea will never, ever get made, and none of the creative professionals you mentioned are likely to ever take your phone calls, no matter how many pals you make at the "anime convention." So there.
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