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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--Background Thread

If you DO choose to use material from this, however, please do let me know and give appropriate credit. I admit I'm interested to know what you're thinking tell!
Oh that's a given! Material as rich as this deserves glowing recognition.

Will get in touch when the time comes about some of the ideas. As I say this material has caused me to rethink elements to enrich it with more than as you say the standard Cardassian that we see.

My story revloves around Caitlyn Ryan's history when she was interred in a Cardassian prison-torture camp. She featured in USS ACCIPITER: Buried History and in the challenge A Question of Survival and her brutal history warrants exploring to me. So lots of bad guy Cardassians but i think there's potential to explore other Cardassians - some unwilling accomplices to the crimes committed and some prisoners themselves.

But like I say this material has all sorts of ideas percolating in my head. thanks again for the inspiration.
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