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Re: The Next Generation Season 1

And the music in those episodes were just beautiful. I know, everybody hates the synthisizer (I hope I spelled that right), but I loved it.
The Synthesizer is the best part of Season 1. It certainly adds to the character of it. Episodes like "Where no one has gone before" would lose so much of their awesomeness if they had been done in the later season's bland orchestral progressions.
Encounter at Farpoint - DeForest Kelley cameo and the introduction of Q make this a winner.
Not a really good episode, but Q saves it from total lameness. I also like the "The Enterprise encounters a UFO" bit.
The Naked Now - Perhaps produced too early, but we do learn that Data is 'fully functional'. Winner
This is one of the bad ones. Horrid episode. Data's line "What just happened is.....impossible!" hah hah so grating, like nails scratching down a chalkboard. The whole "fully functional" thing was horrid, fanwanking for the nerds IMO.
Code of Honor - "You will have no vaccine and no Lieutenant Yar!!!", ugh. Probably worst episode in all of Trek. Loser
It was comical, but not in a good way. I think it would have redeemed itself a bit if there were some black people on the planet that WEREN'T in some African Tribe mentality. I'm surprised this episode was allowed to be made.
The Last Outpost - Like The Naked Now, a rip of an original Star Trek episode. Still entertaining. Winner
It was great. I liked it. Felt mysterious and alien, like Trek should be.
Where No One Has Gone Before - "Space and time and thought are not the seperate things we believe them to be", Winner.
Indeed! My favorite TNG episode. This was Star Trek embodied in one episode.
Lonely Among Us - "P for Picard" almost sunk this one... but the B story with the warring alien diplomats make it a winner.
It was decent. The attempt at alien looking aliens was better than most of future trek's goofaced bumpy faced foreheads.
Justice - Almost as bad as Code of Honor, but a hell of a lot more entertaining. Loser
The thing with "god" was cool. Otherwise, horrible episode.
The Battle - Ferengi come back and are less irritating to boot. Interesting insights to Picard's past. Winner
It was decent enough. It gets a pass from me as well.
Hide and Q - One of my personal favorites. Great sci-fi premise and John deLancie hamming it up. Winner
The episode felt off somehow, but it was still good. A remastered version could ham up the graphics quite a bit, and fix that ugly pastel planet.
Haven - We almost lose Counselor Troi. Damn, that would have been a shame. Loser
Lame episode for sure.
The Big Goodbye - This episode already gets enough praise. Winner
I didn't like it for several reasons. It tried to play the holodeck as a creator of a real world, rather than an illusion. My computer games don't ask if they are going to die whenever I turn my computer off. Also, having Beverly be "confused" by make up (when you can clearly see Gates McFadden has a couple of buckets pasted on her face) was really stretching it there. A loser in my book
Datalore - Brent Spiner in a dual role and the threat of turning Wesley into a torch. Winner
Excellent episode.
Angel One - Next. Loser
80's tramps take control of a planet. Not....funny.
11001001 - Another great sci-fi premise. Binars are an interesting race. Winner
I think this is the first time we see the majestic mushroom starbase in TNG? Just for that it's a winner.
Too Short a Season - The spiritual sequel to A Private Little War. Winner
Loser to me. William Shatner shouldn't have been such a dick, and should have starred in the episode the way it was intended to be.
When the Bough Breaks - Yawn. Gag. Snore. Loser
I liked it. It wasn't expanded enough, but it had a good premise. I liked the threat of sending the Enterprise years away from the planet, would have liked to see them test it out.
Home Soil - "Ugly bags of mostly water", yeah... well screw you too. Loser
Data kicks a laser's ass. Just for that it's a winner.
Coming of Age - Points for setting up Conspiracy, just not enough. Loser
Don't remember this one too well, other than that goofy guy getting on people's nerves. Forgettable episode
Heart of Glory - When the Klingons still seemed like TOS Klingons. Winner
I'm so sick of Klingons that I have to give this one a Loser score. Even that hot Klingon babe showed up later as a Q in Voyager, where she looked even hotter, taking away the only reason for me to watch the episode.
The Arsenal of Freedom - Arms dealers who are outsmarted by their own weapons, classic. Winner
Nice action oriented episode. The irony was thick as a brick.
Symbiosis - Hahahahahahahaha. Love the use of the Prime Directive here. The last three minutes make up for the first 57. Winner
Was this the crazy episode where the crew are being choked to death by the other people on that ship? Why didn't someone torpedo their asses??? They could still move their hands. Loser
Skin of Evil - Loved the concept here. A skewed take on Who Mourns for Adonais. Winner
The swamp thing attacks the crew of the Enterprise and Tasha dies. I liked Tasha and would have liked to see her character explored more. Loser. Only redeeming quality was Picard telling the creature it could eat shit and die alone there. Still a loser though.
We'll Always Have Paris - Seems like it's not only Jimmy Kirk who likes "little blond lab assistants". Winner
Loved the Sci-Fi angle. The love triangle hurt it a bit, but still a winner, if only to see two Data's confused the freak out of each other in a turbolift.
Conspiracy - Scorpions have taken over the Federation. Winner
Too much of a rip off of Aliens IMO. At least they blasted them to Kingdom come at the end. I wish Data would have taken on that Admiral at the beginning, and see if he could snap his neck without getting his ass fed to him.
The Neutral Zone - 20th century humans, the return of the Romulans and the first indications of the Borg. Only The Best of Both Worlds was a better season finale.
The concept was good. The humans were majorly boring. The Romulans showing up at the end redeems the episode. Winner.

So yeah, first season had lots of winners
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