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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Belated Introduction from me

Sorry, I didn't get round to saying hello for a while, I just dived into the forum.

I'm just about to finish my first full run through of Enterprise, I was kind of sick of Trek when it first came out, and didn't give it much of a chance. I'm loving it now though, I am about to start season four tonight, hoping i enjoy it.

If you want my opinions on other Trek series of which I have seen pretty much every episode here goes.

TOS- Some very crazy epiosdes (Spock's brain) but over all great sci fi.
TNG- At times boring, at times brilliant, mostly good
DS9- Ok, got a bit boring at times, but had some great battle scenes
VGR- Erm, ok I hated voyager, especially seven of nine, but in fact that deserves a post of it's own
ENT- Was over trek during it's original run, rewatching now and LOVING it.

Favourite Ent Characters in order
1. Reed
2. T'pol
3. Phlox
4. Trip
5. Archer
6. Porthos
7. Shran (I'm sure he got more lines than the next two)
8. Hoshi
9. Mayweather
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