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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--Background Thread

Thank you SO much for looking!

The language originally came about because I was pretty disgusted with some of the speculations I saw out on the Internet back in the day. Let's just say the so-called "Kardasi" language had the tendency to appear in some fanfic of a pretty unsavory type, with which I wanted no association!

So, I decided to go it alone and create my own version--Cardăsda.

As I went along, I started getting a load of cultural and other stuff that has never been expanded upon, on-screen.

For example, the rank system others developed ended up having to give way in order to fit the Cardăsda language...which is how it got to be so unlike the Federation system. That particular system is very decidedly non-canon even compared to the Pocket Books!

My goal is to give people the feel, when reading about the Cardassians in my works, that they are really seeing the people and the culture, more than just Central Command's official line. I often felt like we got glimpses of it, all the way back in "The Wounded" (just watch Daro, for instance...for having only a few lines, both the verbals and nonverbals there really hint at a lot). My aim is to follow in the footsteps of Diane Duane with her Rihannsu work, and John M. Ford with his Klinzhai work--though of course I've hardly scratched the surface of what they've accomplished, and I don't expect to.

That may complicate matters for you, if you try to use anything from this--it'll constantly grow and evolve.

If you DO choose to use material from this, however, please do let me know and give appropriate credit. I admit I'm interested to know what you're thinking tell!
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