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Re: A shout out to a VERY worthy mesh! (McQuarrie-prise)

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Holy shit... that could still be used. Was there an actual name for this class?
The old Treknology publicaitons had her listed as the Ariel-class "shuttlecarrier". The study model appeared in a few "graveyard" scenes in TNG, and may be known as the "Gage type"...
Actually, there were two different (but similar-looking) McQuarrie study models. One was used in the Qualor II surplus depot in "Unification," and the other was used as a docked background ship in Spacedock in Star Trek III. It would be incorrect to refer to it as the "Gage-type," because the Gage was only mentioned in a first draft of DS9's "Emissary" and was neither seen nor spoken of in the final televised draft.
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