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Re: Officer Alex J. Murphy

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All this talk about Robocop made me realize that I only have it on VHS, and not DVD, so I just bought the trilogy pack on DVD

Don't know if Im gonna watch the third movie when it arrives though, man I remeber that sucked.. But we'll see.

But back on topic.. Peter Weller really made the character Alex Murphy work, I don't know if the new actor can live up to that, but I'll watch the movie with an open mind
I have to admit Robo's big entrance in the third movie is pretty cool, but... that's about it.

As for a new Murphy, it's gotta be some average, ordinary looking guy like Weller was. That's what makes it so cool later when we see him come back as a hulking, cyborg badass and get his revenge on everybody.

Eckhart is too much of a matinee idol to pull that same thing off.
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