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Star Trek; Starfleet Academy

Second time's the charm for my posting of this concept, hopefully.

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy-TAS

An animated series based on Star Trek by Gene Roddenberry, written and directed by Bruce Timm & Paul Dini ( Batman: TAS, Superman: TAS, Batman Beyond, Static Shock, The Zeta Project, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, ) with some scripts by Manny Coto and Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens, plus others.

PLOT/CONCEPT: The famous training institution,and the young people who inhabit it. The show will center on a core of freshmen (about 6 youths) training to be future officers and crew members in Starfleet-their hopes, dreams, aspirations, successes, and failures.

The 6 youths, ranging in age from 18-20, are all from different parts of the Federation: three will be human, two will be alien, and the sixth will be from a race that one would not expect to see in Starfleet: Cardassian. As always, the human will be the leader of the group, and it will be through their eyes that we experience what's going on, and the story's main focus.

The 6 are:

  • George Washington Carter: The self-appointed leader of the group, he is an Afro Canadian from Toronto, and the second generation of his family to be in Starfleet, on the command fast-track. A self-confident young man, his confidence is somewhat marred by feelings of self-doubt, because of the legacy he has to live up to: his mother, Madeline Carter, captain of the Nebula-class starship U.S.S.Morningstar, whose accomplishments are just as impressive as Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Kirk, etc.
  • Samira Al-Sadr: The 'second in command' of the group, on the Life Sciences fast-track, of Arab origin from Palestine. She is conscious of her history, and that carries over into the way she handles medicine. Always striving to become perfect, she does not let that overcome her good-natured sense of humor and fun, or her sexuality.
  • Masumi Ito: The 'third' of the triad, she was genetically engineered as a youth on a rediscovered lost colony similar to Moab IV (from the Next Generation episode The Masterpiece Society). However, that was not perfect, and although she is obviously smart, she is left with a craving for food that has given her unsightly weight gain-as well as a caustic tongue when anybody tells her about it. She is studying to be an engineer.
  • Selan-A Vulcan cadet on the Security fast track, he is the jock of the group, and is the star of the track team, the new baseball team, and the Paressies Squares (sp) team! He is a somewhat laid-back (for a Vulcan), blonde-haired Vulcan of half-human parentage, who speaks in human slang (whatever slang teenagers of the 24th century speak) on occasion, mixed in with his perfect English.
  • Thalla-An Andorian, she is on the Science fast-track, and is somewhat nerdy (for an alien.) To her, scientific discovery is everything, and making (or keeping) friends is low on the list of priorities. She has to be occasionally brought out of her shell by Samira and George.
  • Jandara-The Cardassian cadet mentioned earlier, she was found on a horrific abandoned Cardassian outpost world near the Cardassian Neutral Zone, a product of a secret Obsidian Order program to create a super-warrior similar to an Augment. As the embodiment of the Cardassian enemy, she has to prove that she can coexist among humans and the other races at the Academy. Compared to that, the curriculum's a breeze.
ANIMATION STYLE: Let's face it, anime is the style that's popular now, and in order to get viewers, a style similar to anime (think Teen Titans) would be the way to go. While the show will be that way, it won't have all the trappings of anime; no large drop of water from the head or anything like that, more something along the lines of Cowboy Bebop.

TIME SETTING: as mentioned above, the 24th Century, sometime after the Dominion War and the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, possibly before the events of Star Trek: Titan.

Have I got a great new concept, or what? Let me know.
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