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Re: My Sister is Dying

OMG, I'm so sorry about this! You know, Dad has some friends who are alchoholics and have cirosis of the liver as well. They continue to drink heavily and are both paying for it cause they both are beginning to show signs of swelling of the face and stomach. It's a husband and wife that are usually at the baseball games when we go. I always wonder how those two ever get home safely cause they are always drunk and they usually drive themselves home. The wife is BEAUTIFUL but she looks pregnant even though she's not because of the alchohol. Alchoholism is a strange illness but it is an illness indeed. And to think that your sister is going through a way, she's being selfish to you and to your family. And I'll bet you feel obligated to take care of her cause no one else will. In another way, they are making you the enabler, which probably causes conflict in the family. I'm so sorry to read about this. My thoughts and prayers go out to you especially and your family. This is a tough time to die!
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