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Re: new Farscape comic by O'Bannon & KRAD

Isaiah 60:1 wrote: View Post
Where are the best places to pick this up?
At your local comic book store. If you don't have one (or if they're a bunch of big fat stinkies who won't carry it), you can order it from Things From Another World or directly from BOOM!

Also a fan group called Farscape Canada is taking orders of the comic for folks that can't find it at their local.

M'rk, son of Mogh wrote: View Post
My LCS did not have it, though they said it was ordered. Maybe it just came late, but they said there's no reason it shouldn't be on its way. So THAT Christmas present to myself well have to wait at least another week (hopefully that's it!!)
Apparently, between the weather and the holiday, a bunch of orders were delayed.

What is the general plot of Strange Detractors? (without being to spoilery, if possible). I know this has the Hynerian angle to capitalize on no budget (great way to approach this, for sure!), is the next doing the same thing?
It's waaaaaaaaaaaay too soon to be talking plot for F:SD.
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