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Re: Why do *dudes* think Trip has charisma?

Most of what I feel has already been said, but I wanted to add that I saw Connor at a convention a couple of years ago (after ENT was cancelled) and even in his condition (which appeared to be a combination of jet lag and hangover), he was warm, charming, friendly, totally man-crush-worthy. By comparison, at the same con we also saw Shatner, Nimoy, Robert Picardo, Ethan Phillips and John deLancie. Robert Picardo was probably the closest to Trinnear in overall friendliness (and before I get flamed, Nimoy was in another league altogether now, just so intelligent and classy).

I guess I'd have to say that some of that charisma just came right through the camera, which is really a credit to him as an actor because I remember Bakula doing some powerful stuff back in his Quantam Leap days, and his turn as Jonathon Archer was a bit disappointing in that regard.
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