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Re: Hancock - Grading & Discussion

^^^ I went to see a movie about a superhero who was down on his luck and slowly got back to the top. I didn't go to see a movie about "My super ex Girlfriend 2.5"

The movie started out good. Good writing would have given us a good backstory as to why Hancock is a depressed asshole. As it stands in the movie, he is like that simply because he's Will Smith.

Think about it, Superman basically becomes good because his parents loved him and showed him to care for people. Hancock perhaps could have landed, but never found love? maybe he was a foster kid from home to home? What would a person who grew up like this but all of a sudden started getting superpowers be like?

Maybe they would turn criminal? Maybe out of some sense of pity help people once in a while, but not really giving a damn? Maybe he'd become some sort of anti-hero? Punishing those he believes have hurt him?

The movie sort of had the right idea. Hancock starts off as a bum, who occassionally feels pressed to "help out". Where they started going wrong IMO was:

1. The easy way in which Hancock was convinced to "start turning a new leaf"

2. Not enough "half asses good deeds of kindness"

3. The whole prison scene could have been where he "lets go" of his pains and starts turning for the better?

4. Having super ex GF throw him around the city just totally destroyed what little development this film had. It simply became a parody of superheroes at that point. What might have been nice was having Hancock face some sort of massive threat to earth, and super ex gf shows up and helps him fight it?

There's so many good ideas that could have been done as compared to what was done.
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