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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

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Am re-watching QoS and as I thought it makes for a better re-watch value and easier to follow the plot but still could be tighter. So far only real scene that bugs me is the parachute one because he pulls it far too late, a few seconds earlier would of been much more believeable and shows me that Marc Foster is nowhere near the director Campbell is for Bond movies anyway. However saying that I thought Foster did excellent work with the fight scenes especially the last fight scenes in the hotel and the Bond girl (though she didn't shag bond which made a good change) was probably the best and that wasn't easy to do because Vesper was a good character.

I like the Bourne esq fights, Bond needs to change from the older films and I don't buy the people saying it should be like older Bond...CR proved them wrong. I like Bond being more bitter for this movie, he has real excuse but am sure he will be back to a more normal Bond in the next movie.
I agree with all this. I think after it goes on DVD and people start watching it a few times, it gets better after more than one or two views.
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