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Re: If You Could Re-Imagine the Constitution-Class Refit...

I actually like both the TOS design and the TMP design. Which is why I'd want to take the best characteristics from both.

I like the clean lines of the TOS design, it's lack of superfluous surface detail, and the fact that it has an auxiliary nav-deflector in the saucer, (as it can separate from the secondary hull).

I like the revised primary and secondary basic hull-shape, the thicker-neck, the revised deflector dish and basic pylon and nacelle shape of TMP. I also like the basic centerline torpedo design of TMP, the phaser-design, and the ship's windows having a rounded-edge on them.

I mean logically I'd want to combine the best qualities of both ships.

-Low skin surface detail/clean-lines
-Smooth nacelle front-caps (I did not say the shape, just the smooth clean lined shape)
-Navigation deflector in saucer

- Basic Primary-Hull shape
- Basic Secondary-Hull shape
- Basic Warp-Nacelle shape
- Thicker, revised neck
- Basic pylon-shape
- Bigger impulse-engines
- Torpedo launcher on ships centerline
- Revised navigation-deflector dish
- Revised bridge-dome
- Revised Phaser Set-up
- Rounded windows
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