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Re: Do you love or hate the Ferengi episodes, overall?

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I see a lot of hate for DS9's Ferengi episodes. I too hate Profit and Lace. I don't really like Moogie as she can be extremely annoying. However, I love Quark, Rom, and Nog. So overall, I have to say that Ferengi episodes of DS9 are awesome because they showcase the magnificent characters/acting of Quark, Rom, and Nog.

A lot of fans seem to dismiss DS9's Ferengi episodes as "filler", but I think that's incorrect. They are not filler. Rather, they are doing a great job of fleshing-out Quark, Rom and Nog as deep & compelling characters.

I'm putting a Poll up so I can get a sense of what percentage of DS9 fans love and hate the Ferengi episodes, overall. Just vote for your overall feeling about the Ferengi episodes; Ie: it doesn't mean you have to love every Ferengi episode if you vote for that you love them, and vice versa.
I loved the Ferengi episodes, especially Little Green Men. The Ferengi episodes gave us some much needed breaks from the intense seriousness of the series as whole. It was part of a delicate balance, and it worked.
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