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Thrilling Wonder Stories Focuses on Trek Writers

While this thread might be considered off topic, I hope I'll be afforded a bit of latitude in posting it. As I recall, non-Star Trek projects by Trek writers are considered fair game by our fine moderators here in this corner of the BBS. If I've violated the rules, please feel free to close or delete the thread.

That being said, I wanted to let folks know that the second volume of Winston Engle's Thrilling Wonder Stories is currently scheduled for release in January. Of particular interest is that Mr. Engle has focused this book on the "writers of Star Trek," including such notables as David Gerrold, Diane Duane, and Larry Niven. The new stories from these folks are not Trek fiction, of course, but they are most assuredly SF. I don't see the edition available on Amazon yet, though the site does list Volume 1. As far as I know, the follow-up will also be a mass-market paperback. Information on Volume 2 can be found on the Thrilling Wonder Stories website, including information about and an excerpt from my own contribution, a short story entitled "Moon Over Luna."

Happy holidays to all!
Regards, David

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