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Re: If You Could Re-Imagine the Constitution-Class Refit...

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Looks very much like Gabe's.
In some respects, but that's to be expected considering that the goal was to "reimagine" a TOS Connie true to the original but with updated details.
You know what?

I'm thinking about re-imagining my re-imagining!

If I could re-imagine the TMP refit, I would either rebuilt the Enterprise entirely, like I suggested earlier in this thread, OR...

I'd keep the TOS ship much the same as she was during TOS, with only minor revisions, the fewer the better.

Imagine the TOS Enterprise, with the exterior much the same as she was during TOS, and the interior sets simply toned down so the colors and textures were toned down a bit. (Not much.) And maybe I'd keep the uniforms the same as TOS, except the women would wear trousers like they did in the pilots.
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