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With Majel gone, now what? (Computer voice and simulations)

I realize a person's death and the loss felt by their family and friends is far more important than a TV/Movie franchise, but a thought has struck me, and hopefully it isn't too soon to bring this up-

They made the effort to include Majel in the new film as the voice of the Enterprise computer. GREAT continuity. Problem? She's gone now. The nice little gesture has become a sticky point, since now any future films can't use her for voice-over work.

Those of you who are more computer-saavy than me...

Is it possible that there's enough in the way of voice-recordings for them to create a simulation of her voice for future projects? (Is this something called "voice sampling"?)

If possible, it'd be an equally great move to still use her for any new lines spoken by the computer.

IS it possible?
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