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I finally saw Resident Evil (Movie)

About 18 months ago this film was on tv. I saw the first 15 minuites of it but for some reason deleted it from the hd before I saw the rest of the film. I bought it the other day and watched the rest of it. I don't think the rest of the film holds up the the first 15 minutes, which really had me intrigured - the amnesiac woman, the soldiers, the secret mansion, the train into the undergound city.

It was nice to see Michelle Rodriguz in her pre-Lost days, even if she over-did the whole macho Marine thing a little too much. I think Janette Goldstein did it much better 20 years ago. And I enjoyed seeing James Purefroy again. He's my choice for Avon, if they ever re-make B7, like they keep threatening to do. And Colin Salmon made another of his career-defining brief, but serviceable appearances. I really hope he gets a major gig sooner rather than later.

I thought the scene where the good guys were trying to escape the Zombie hive workers by crawling across the heating pipes above the zombies' heads was pretty rubbish, both in terms of tension and in the way it was filmed. It was as if the set was too cramped to get any decent angles, or the lighting was bad. I can't really put my finger on what made it seem like a straight to video B movie.

Just been reading on Wiki that David Boreanaz turned down the policeman role in the film to carry on as Angel. I can see him in the role, actually, since I always think there is a similarity anyway between him and the actor they eventually cast (whose name escapes me).

So, it turned out to be more pededstrian than it promised 18 months ago, but on the whole, I enjoyed the flick enough to start a thread about it. I'm interested to know what other folks think about the film, especially the game players. Does it do the game jusice at all? Did you enjoy the film even if you haven't played the game?

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