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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Hi everyone,

Sorry hopped into a discussion without seeing this introduce yourself thread. It's a neat idea and very welcoming.

Anyway, I've been about this forum these last few months but mostly over at the fanfiction forum reading and posting writing there to keep in the trek universe.

I like all the different series as I believe they all have something different to offer. Obviously each series had its strengths and weaknesses. Grew up with TNG looked back on TOS fondly and the movies of course. DS9 wigged me out to begin but then grew to love. Voyager too though it had many demerits was part of the trek universe and I liked it too and wondered how they would get home - just expected someone to die on the way [from regular cast that is].

Sadly ENT was sold short in not getting its full seven series but that a whole discussion matter here.

Anyway enjoy reading everyone's views it's good to be here and to keep the spirit going and remember this great series with fondness.
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