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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

Bradley is getting buried alive on the bond websites as the antichrist, but it is more the cutting (not Forster's cutter, the other cutter, the Bourne idiot that the Broccolis brought in) than the shooting that is the prob, I think.

You can go with close views and wide views and the sequence design would probably work, but when you select only close views and cut the way they did (that idiotic cut- five-times-for-a-single action bourne approach that seems designed to mask BAD choreography, at least in the first one, the only Bourne I was able to suffer through [thank you Clive Owen]), the designed choreography gets destroyed. The DP and Forster both talked with Bradley about doing everything different from Bourne, and the DP really dislikes the BOURNE approach too, so again, this sounds like the producers messing with the product, not the director.
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