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Re: Geek out Smallville moment!!

maybe ive been at Superdickery to much, but why does Superman never help Jimmy when he gets into these situations?

They should do an issue (yeah I know its not running anymore) where Jimmy gets Clarks powers, and flys off to become Superman refusing to help him change back

Clark: Oh no Jimnmy Olsen and I have body swapped he has my powers and my identity, Lois will never believe what happened. Im alone helpless & trapped in the body of Jimmy Olesn.

Jimmy (flying away): Now you know how it feels Superman, to have your friends turn your back on you when you need their help the most, I will be Superman for ever, and soon Lois will be mine. Oh & that trick you played on me with the Green Arrow, well that was just mean, I now know that you Clark Kent was the Red & Blue blur.
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