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Re: 'Star Trek XI' Update From Abrams

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Geez, how many times is Abrams going to say that they're almost locked? If the film really is almost 100% complete, I still feel it's absurd to sit on a fimished movie for that length of time.

That said, I'll be there on May 8 to consume this 'freshly-thawed-out' extravaganza.

Me too...I think this movie may have the same build up, in my mind, as TMP did...I remember going to that opening night and standing in that long line. Then watching the laser show that proceded it. Then the long view of space while they played the Ilya/Decker love song..and then that opening battle with the Klingons...all so great!!!! I hope this has the same build up, but, is also a better experience than TMP. TMP was good, but the movie, coming on the heels of Star Wars/Close Encounters, was a bit slow and the story seemed tired..

TREX XI has all this 'reboot' going for it...hope they cash in their chips and they are winners..

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