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Re: Deck Plans VI: The Undiscovered Bowling Alley

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... he's got slightly different proportions on the ship than either Sinclair or Casimiro.
Something to keep in mind is that for the cross-sections I did that included warp engines... I used the engines from my 33" plans as a stand-in. Consequently, the overall length of those drawings is off... though the primary hull dimensions and secondary hull dimensions should be pretty close. I would say that the both of them together should also be right, except that I also used elements of the 33" model's dorsal as a stand-in also... so that might be off a bit too.

The last time I compared my old drawings with my current research on the 11' model, the secondary hull was the same. The changes in the shape of the primary hull based on my studies is here, and is the same diameter as my original drawings (but most likely deviates much further from both Sinclair's and Casimiro's).

It was the fact that I was using unfinished study drawings and elements from my 33" plans that made me realize I needed to get back to finishing my exterior before continuing with the interior. My first 11 foot plans will be strictly the model as it was in The Cage (worrying about the later modifications at a later date).
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