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Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in 70mm

Tonight, doubleohfive and I caught a screening of TWOK in 70mm. It was fantastic. The print was only slightly faded, and was clean and looked great. What we thought might be a grainy film was anything but grainy, looking glossy and very sharp. And the sound was also above average. This is one of those films that I've had on video since 1983, so it's imprinted on my brain. I saw it when it came out and I've seen it several times in the theater since (once on the Paramount lot for a special showing of the DVD longer version) and without a doubt, this was the absolute finest I've ever seen the movie. Everything about it was just right. If you get the chance, see The Wrath of Khan in the theater.

And the reason I'm not calling it "Star Trek II" is because the 70mm prints DO NOT have the roman numeral "II" in the main title! It simply says "Star Trek" and underneath that "The Wrath of Khan".

Also tonight we saw a 70mm print of ALIEN which looked and sounded fantastic, too. It was a great evening. I'm sure doubleohfive also had a good time.

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