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Re: Geek out Smallville moment!!

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Didn't Matter-Eater Lad go (at least temporarily) insane after eating the Miracle Machine?
He did indeed. I believe Brainiac 5 eventually managed to cure him, if memory serves.

It was also suggested in at least one story, years later, that Tenzil retained some residue of the Miracle Machine's energies after eating it, giving him the ability to influence the nature of reality (albeit unconsciously)... which may account for some of his later bizarre adventures.

I suddenly remembered another point in Tenzil's favor: in Jim Shooter's famous 'Adult Legion' story, Tenzil eventually became president of his home planet Bismoll.

A president who can eat matter in all forms. How awesome is that?

(I realize that by definition, probably any president of Bismoll would be able to eat matter in all forms. But how many of them were retired super-heroes?)

Long Live The Legion!
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