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Re: Why don't phasers shoot straight?

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In TNG's "The Vengeance Factor," Riker phasers some girl and the beam goes at an extreme downward angle to hit her in the chest. However, it appears that Jonathan Frakes was aiming at her head, so the outrageous angle was because the guys in post decided that having a girl get shot in the head wasn't family friendly or something.
That is exactly the strange behavior from phasers I am talking about.

F/X error. Apply a healthy dose of "suspension of belief" and remember it's pretend.

Riker is actually an unsporting bastard, he shot her in the head with a phaser set to SUPER-MAXIMUM ASSBURN and the real reason he did it was because he hated her cooking. OF COURSE they are going to "edit" the historical tapes to paint the Humans in a good light.
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