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Re: Why don't phasers shoot straight?

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One of the 7th season episodes where she was trying to set up a resistance cell against the Dominion.
Actually, that was season 4's Return to Grace. Kira was travelling on a Cardassian freighter commanded by Dukat, and she was explaining the various weapons and their features to Ziyal in case they got boarded by Klingons.
Ah! Thanks! So I guess that means "self-aiming phasers" are canon? (cannon? BUAHAHAHAHA)

As for aiming, perhaps slight pressure with your finger on the firing button steers the emitter and you get feedback through the same button telling you when the emitter is pointed at a target... Wouldn't be hard to set up actually... it'd require a bit of user-training to master but that holds true for "normal" firearms as well.
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