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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 2: Mere Mortals - (SPOILERS)

Just finished it like the first it was a great book just like book one. Though I do have some questions about the inconsistances between this miniseries and the ENT relaunch


The Romulan War starting in 2256 instead of 2255 like in Kobayashimaru.

Hernandez being suprised by the Romulans ability to control other ship when Columbia incourntered this twice again in Kobayashimaru.

And the Vulcans saying timetravle is impossible to saying that you shouldn't.

Oh and the Coalition of Planets not existing in this miniseries and the pre-Federation group instead being the Earth Alliance.

These inconsistancies didn't stop me from enjoying the book but they did confuse me a little.

Well now on the the third and final book of the trilogy. Though I am suprised that the Borg didn't take the time to destroy Voyager in the most sadistic way imaginable just for all the times Janeway F#@ked up their plans. Though I guess the borg finally kicking Voyagers ass after all these years was revenge enough for them.

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