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Re: Quinto, Abrams, Saldana On 'Star Trek XI'

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Abrams explained again his target audience. ""It is made for people who may know the series," he said, "but it's really made for future fans of 'Star Trek,' not existing ones."

Up until this point I have been neutral about the new Star Trek project and was hoping for just a good entertaining Science Fiction movie, but upon reading the comment from Abrams it just really bothers me for some reason. Just who does he think will be the majority of people who are going to see this interpretation of his? He must have a very inflated ego to think that it is not we existing fans who will be the bulk of people paying to see this flick and returning to see it again if it is decent. I would think that the best way Mr Abrams should proceed would be not to disregard the long time fans and just wait until after the premier to start talking about how many new fans he personally created. Unlike old soldiers we existing fans do not just fade away, we raise hell. So for your sake JJ I hope you have made one hell of a movie because if you haven't you will never hear the end of it, just ask Malcolm Mcdowell.
You need to get over it. Abrams is saying this so people will go see it. Non trek fans will not go if they think its designed for Trekkies. If you want a movie designed for Trekkies, then you want Trek to fail. Because it will if it doesnt bring in a vast new audience.

Get over it.
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