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Re: Hancock - Grading & Discussion

Sorry for necro-posting up this thread , but I finally rented Hancock on DVD.

And I have to give it an Excellent rating... The movie ended up a bit different than I expected - but in a good way.

I also dug the backstory - even if it was minimalist on purpose. Just enough was told to make you curious to fnd out more. (I *hate* obvious expositional dialog, so I was glad to not have to hear too much of it) I has guessed the 'twist' that Theron's character had powers from the trailer, but to me the real 'twist' was that she wasn't a villain, as I had expected.

I really dug the 2nd half of the movie - which I liked more than the 1st half. I mean how much can you do with a drunk superhero? They pretty much covered all those bases in 15 minutes or less, so I was glad to see the plot move on. (even if it was amusing)
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