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Re: Quinto, Abrams, Saldana On 'Star Trek XI'

Entcv65 wrote: View Post
Just who does he think will be the majority of people who are going to see this interpretation of his? He must have a very inflated ego to think that it is not we existing fans who will be the bulk of people paying to see this flick...
He's absoloutely correct an all counts. And if we're the bulk of people who
see this movie we and Star Trek are screwed. J.J. Abrams was correct in
making this film to appeal to non Trek fans. Not only can Trek fans not be
relied on to put out an effort towards it, but there just isn't enough of us
for those efforts to really matter.

M'Sharak wrote: View Post
Entcv65 wrote: View Post
^ He has not directed but he has starred in one and he was not cool with the negative feedback he received about "Generations" and if I am not mistaken he was pretty vocal in telling the fans who disapproved to get over it.
If the negative feedback included some of the harassment he was supposed to have received for being the "guy who killed Captain Kirk", then I can't say I blame him at all for not being cool with it. He was an actor playing a part, and anyone presuming to take him to task for what the character did was/is barking up the wrong tree and way out of line on more than one front.
And he would have been right in telling them to get over it regardless of
the situation. Fans really need to do just that.
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