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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Personally I am a big fan of standardization. Creating decks of a standard height allows the construction materials to be all standard pre-fab and interchangeable. Looking at all the movies I would say they used contemporary construction, 8' walls on 10" joists. So for a minimum I would use 10' deck-deck height. That would allow 8' headway, 1' structural support, and 1' for plumbing. I would prefer 12', that would allow more room for primary structural beams (2' or more) and 2' plumbing. That would also alow for 'jefferies tubes' to be run above corridors to reach the aforementioned tribble feeders!

Corridors are HUGE by modern standards! You can see crew walking 2 or 3 abreast easily, that means a minimum of 6' to 8' wide! I would make side corridors 6' and primary corridors 10' tio 12'. That way you can move machinery about without using the transporter.

Rooms are a tough one... all the deck plans I've seen point to rooms being about 3x the width of a corridor. That makes them about 18' by my reconing. Huge and plus! compaired to what was shown on TOS series and TNG. However if you re-arrange the rooms that isn't too bad, allows for a 6' wide walk-in storage closset at the rear of the room and 12' standard room. That may sound like too much stowage, but if you consider the average modern day cruise is 9 months compared to TOS 5 year mission, you can see where you will want plenty of closet space.

So for a recap I'm figuring on 12' decks, 6' radial corridors and 12' primarys, and 18' rooms. this would make the series Enterprise about 444' wide at the saucer.
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