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Re: If You Could Re-Imagine the Constitution-Class Refit...

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I know most members are perfectly happy with the Constitution Class Refit design, but "most" doesn't mean "all"...

So I ask, if you could re-imagine the Constitution-Class design's exterior/interior design and details to virtually any degree that you want, how would you go about it?

First off... it doesn't look the same, it has different capabilities... it's a new class. So the very first thing I'd do would be to make it "official" that it's a NEW CLASS OF SHIP. And I'd stick with (since Enterprise was the first ship rebuilt to that configuration) "Enterprise Class."

Second... I've always felt that the exposed-nernies-torpedo-tube design clashed with the rest of the ship. I'd use one of the earlier ideas (probably the retractable-shutters one) Andrew Probert proposed.

Third, I'd make some clear detail on the underside of the secondary hull to indicate where the antimatter pods (and, potentially, the antimatter refill port) would be. This would occupy the location currently occupied by the four "lower phasers" most likely.

Fourth, I'd add an aft torpedo tube, where the "neck exhaust" is now. The overall structure in that area would still look much the same as it does now, however.

Fifth, I'd probably rework the general shape of the nacelles... eliminating the "stair-step" appearance and giving it a smoother shape overall (but keeping the same shape otherwise) I'd make the radiator grids on the outside flush or convex rather than concave (technical reasons) and I'd seriously revisit the front "copper bump" in front of these features... probably making them into a fully-spherical object which partially protrudes through the exterior of the nacelle (maybe even giving that the TOS-ish "swirly light" effect?) I'd keep the fin structures on the aft of the nacelle but transform them into something more technical and less artistic... something more reminiscent of what the original had (heat pipe-based radiator elements). I'd probably also eliminate the "intake grills" on the top surface (USELESS) and instead expand the amount of available intake surface on the front of the nacelle.

Oh, and I'd totally eliminate the TMP "primary hull underside notch docking ports" and replace them with edge-of-hull ports (possibly modifying the so-called main gangway hatch for this purpose. But I'd keep the other hatches we see down there, and might well keep those hatches as well... but have them all be for "rapid replenishment" operations in port, to allow loading of foodstuffs, cargo, replacement of expended atmosphere processing hardware, etc.

One last thing... not a "change" but rather something I'd work hard to KEEP... the main deflector dish on the 1701(r) wouldn't be blue all the time... it'd start as basic metal (maybe even "copper") but would gradually glow with energy output. They did something very close to this in TMP but abandoned it afterwards, and I missed that...
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