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Re: Geek out Smallville moment!!

^ actually I watched the recent Legion of Superheroes cartoon, and I thought Bouncing Boy came across well, even more so when he said he didnt get into the Legion first time he tried, yeah ok he probaly works best on a kids cartoon, but he works, and heave forbid fat kids should be made to feel like they can be heroes to.

meanwhile the origin story could be Flubber

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^The show isn't even set in Smallville anymore!
Exactly. He should be Superman by now. Enough of this awaiting his destiny crap. Put him in the suit or end it. It's that simple.
this is the problem with TV, a victim of its own success. Clark cant become Superman until it ends, whilst ratings are good, the show wont end, so the problem just drags on & on, the "red & blue blur" works quite well for the moment, and gets around the shows biggest problem that I will come to after the next quote.

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If he's not becoming Superman then I don't care. People need to face facts and realize that Smallvillle is set in a world where Superman never existed. He's not going to become Superman. The whole crappy show is just one big bait and switch.
HE cant become Superman, the story of a teenage Superman works for Superboy, because he is Superboy, in this case as soon as Lois hit Smallville, the idea of Clark becoming the traditional Superman was over.

Clark has problems with the idea of secret identity, and for good reason, Smallville has hammered home the idea that Clark is the real person, so him suddenly wearing glasses is not going to work to hide his identity, right now he is a blur but that is very different from Superman.

Right now Clark is a hero (if a blurry one), and Doomsday is circling, its not hard to see how this could end.
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