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Re: Quinto, Abrams, Saldana On 'Star Trek XI'

I see Zach is back to his adorable "crazy grits" look.
Just who does he think will be the majority of people who are going to see this interpretation of his?
If the movie's going to be a hit, Abrams better hope that they are "future fans," who have never heard of DS9, VOY or ENT, and barely TNG. There just aren't enough of us to fund a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster, not even close.

Unlike old soldiers we existing fans do not just fade away, we raise hell.
Whatcha gonna do, burn down the theaters? Face it, what counts here is the money and unless all us 'true fans' want to send Abrams about ten thousand dollars apiece, we don't have the numbers to make a financial difference.
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