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Re: Do you have a "hot" experience to tell?

Back when I was a freshman in college, I'm walking across campus one night and all of a sudden this girl - I recognized her, she lived on the same floor in my dorm - comes towards me and grabs me. She says something like "If anybody asks, we're in love". She said she wanted to go back to her room. She was obviously drunk off her ass, but of course I did nothing, hopeless square that I am. Anyway she did this because she didn't want to get arrested by campus security (one of whom passed us on our way back; we acted the part of a 'couple' for the officer's benefit). As soon as the security officer left, the girl disengaged and said "Okay, we're not in love anymore" and then walked into the dorm.

This is as close to 'hot' as I have ever gotten. Pathetic, innit?
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