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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

Dare I say, Trekker4747 didn't make a racial slur. World War Two propaganda did. Using comics characters. Can't we allude to that? Or must we be in denial?
Now if he'd said "gooks", I would find that in bad taste, even if it would be historically correct - I realize this is not a blanket excuse.

But an innocent caption? What other word should have been used? Boy, he should have picked the Nazis instead. I think that still goes unpunished. Except Americans, like Batman represented, mostly faught in the Pacific. And "japs" is the least derogatory word that was commonly used.
Says the cracker frog broad to the honkie yankee bloke.
So, do I get 8 warnings for this post?

Oops. Sorry, I spoke already. Didn't see the edit. Or read too fast.
Besides, waiting for Trekker's return sort of defeats the purpose.
The problem being that this prolific poster is denied a chance to plead his cause until it's too late to reverse the sentence.
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