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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

While I'm not a big proponent of handing out warnings willy-nilly, racial slurs are unacceptable, no matter the context. If someone in the GTVM forum were to make a post, in a rap-related thread, to the effect of "Hey, insert racially charged n-word epithet here, let's lay down some tracks and then we go cruisin' through my hood, what you say, G?" in some sort of ridiculous attempt at mocking hip-hop culture, I'd have a hard time saying, "Well, we let someone use the word 'Jap' in a mocking, humorous context, so I can't really say that a mocking, humorous usage of 'the n-word' is worthy of a warning, either." Much the same as if the comic cover had Batman brandishing a fire hose and someone had said, "Darkies get the hose, Robin!" Yeah, that'd be satirizing the hyperbole of the south in the 1960s. But it wouldn't be acceptable, either.

If racial slurs merit automatic warnings or boots from The Neutral Zone of all places (which is the rule), then I'm hard-pressed to say they shouldn't merit action in other forums.

That's the last of that matter in this thread. If there's more to be said, it can be said when Trekker returns to the board and starts an MA thread, if he so chooses.

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