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Re: Do you have a "hot" experience to tell?

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I've had my share of "hot" experiences, but unlike my romantic experiences, I think I'll keep those to myself. I will only mention the words bus shelter, shag carpeting, cars and the phrase "not in front of my parent's house", forests and mosquitoes, telephones and multitasking, bi-curiosity, the back of fabric stores, photographs, and April O'Neil costumes.

Oh my!

Sadly, I'm really only curious about the April O'Neil costume
I'm more interested in the bi-curiosity story.

I'm not sure that this counts as "hot", but my ex-husband and I took a bus trip to Ottawa back in 1993. We'd had to delay our honeymoon because he came down with the flu (we'd gotten married in February), so we decided later that year to go to Ottawa for a bridge tournament and make that our honeymoon instead. Well, it's a good thing it was the fall, and we had coats with us, because at some point they ended up in our laps so that the other passengers couldn't see what we were doing (though I think the guy across the aisle from us had his suspicions).

A bit before that, when we were still living in Waterloo (in a townhouse with four other guys), we woke up one morning and, well, early morning sex has always been a favourite activity of mine. Unfortunately we neglected to check first to see whether my roommate was still in bed on the other side of the room... fortunately he had the good manners to pretend to be asleep the whole time.
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