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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

T'Baio wrote: View Post
I'm pretty sure he was just satirizing the sentiments, language and absurdity of the time. I don't really think that's necessary.
Agreed. Within the context of the WWII cover posted above, Scrooge4747's comments clearly weren't intended to offend anyone or to refer to anything other than the WWII context.

Ward Fowler wrote: View Post
There aren't any naked boobies.
Agreed. If we could somehow edit the sex scenes from Bound, Embrace of the Vampire, & Wild Things into The Dark Knight, we would have the world's first completely perfect movie.

Scrooge4747 wrote: View Post
I mean, how did he manage to smuggle barrel fulls of explosives onto two city ferrys?!
T'Baio wrote: View Post
The guy somehow put enough explosives in a multi ward hospital to completely level it. let alone the ferry's and warehouses. And this hospital was supposed to be under a watchful eye because Dent was in it!
The empty warehouses seem plausible enough.

The hospital strains credulity when you think about it but I suppose it's not impossible if we assume that the Joker had been planning to blow up that hospital for weeks or even months.

The problem with the ferrys is that, with all of the backlog of people demanding to get off the island, you'd think they would have expanded passenger space by cramming people into the cargo hold. I find it hard to believe that, at the very least, the explosives in the cargo holds would not have been discovered before the ferrys left port.
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