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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

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Sure, there will be consequences, but really, the Federation isn't left that different from what it was before (minus a few relatively minor worlds).
The damage was considerably more than that..............

I think my favourite parts of the novels were those featuring Bacco and her administration. I've always been a fan of political drama (real and imagined) and Articles of the Federation was my first novel re-introducing me to Trek literature. I remember one of my few complaints then being that the characters the expected decorum of heads of state, but having since watched (and loved) The West Wing series, I can now understand what some of that was based on. Anyways, I love the Bacco sequences' ability to focus in on "the big picture" and how it manages to encompass all aspects of the Star Trek universe and its various series. KRAD, I know you based Bacco off your grandmother so it would be inappropriate for me to ask about a picture to have a face in mind when reading her story sequences, but I still am having a great deal of trouble NOT picturing the old-Janeway of "Endgame" who seemed to share Bacco's cynical sense of humour.
It was my great-grandmother, actually, who died in 2003 at the age of 98.

If you see Admiral Janeway, that's fine and dandy -- readers have their own interpretations, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that -- though I don't recall much of a cynical sense of humor. What I do recall from "Endgame" was a selfish, bitter character who destroyed a perfectly good timeline for her own selfish, bitter desires, and screw the consequences. Since those consequences include the massive death toll in Destiny (the Borg's recent decision to put a hit on the Federation was a direct result of the destruction of the transwarp hub in "Endgame"), Admiral Janeway is, to me, one of the greatest villains of modern Star Trek.

So if it's all the same to you, I'd rather just stick with my Nana as the template.

Also, what's with all of Picard's French-cursing in the novels (not just Destiny)? I don't recall EVER seeing Picard speak French in the series so it always strikes me as a little odd when I've seen it in the novels... "merde!"
Picard actually used "merde" several times in the first season, but never after that. My guess is that Broadcast Standards & Practices took until the second season to realize what it meant.

Of the upcoming follow-up novels, I'm most curious about "A Singular Destiny". I read the blurb on the SimonSays website but am still uncertain as to the major focuses of this novel. Have there been any further details given about what the content of this novel will be or what crew/group it will be spending the most time focusing on?
It will focus on the brand-new character of Sonek Pran, a historian/diplomat who occasionally does work for the Federation government. However, there will be a butt-load of characters in this one, as the novel looks at the wider consequences of what happened in Destiny. We'll see the Aventine, a bunch of other starships, several leaders of nations (Bacco, Martok, Tal'Aura, Donatra), and tons more.

And if you want game-changing -- wait'll you get to the end of ASD.
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