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Re: Terminator: Identity Crisis

Kansas Bunker may have been nothing more than a hole in the wall, but for the men and women of the Human Resistance it was home. Made out of a series of labyrinth like tunnels beneath Los Angeles, Kansas Bunker was designed to be a refuge for politicians and other VIPs if the Russians were to have taken their Cold War to a Hot War against the United States. They never were used for that purpose. Instead they took on a similar distinction when the machines declared war against humanity. Only the VIPs never got the warning in time. The bases were taken over by the meek who now called this dark and smelly place home. John Connor even lived here, albeit locked away in a secured chamber surrounded by the machines they'd captured in battle.

To Corporal Decker and many of the people who made up the Resistance that had been like spitting on the graves of brave soldiers who gave their lives in support of the human race returning to the surface to dominate rather than scavenge. With each passing day Connor retreated further and further away from his human friends and into the embrace of the reprogrammed machines that he and so many of the geeks in science division had been fascinated by. Right now a T-888 that looked like an Austrian Adonis had been standing guard of him and served by Connor as his constant companion. Colonel Dyson had said that the metal was the brother of a unit that had been sent back to protect Connor when he was a kid, but to Decker that still wasn’t an acceptable answer. All it was was a further reminder to him and his comrades in arms that the machines were winning the war above ground, and now they were taking over the world in the tunnels as well.

Decker had known John Connor from Century Work Camp and barely recognized the man that he saw there now. Back when the war started and humanity really began to fight they’d worked together against the machines when the revolts began. Decker hadn’t been instrumental in their planning, but he’d been a good soldier and a good aide to Connor during a fight in the Flyer Factory that allowed so many to escape. Back then Connor had the support of the people, but the Military was a different story. It was still in place under the last surviving General: a man named Ashdown. Ashdown couldn’t stand Connor and thought his youthful inexperience would get everyone killed rather than save them. His stories of having fought the machines all his life didn’t gain him much credit either in the eyes of the military. The General just saw them as stories used by a man trying to usurp authority or to create a panic. To his credit John persevered and was given command of the Resistance following Ashdown’s death, but the spark that had been behind John’s eyes had vanished over the years. It was like he’d lost the will to fight the metal mothers and was more willing to just hand over the planet like a father giving his son keys to a car.

That was why Allison Young had been so important. Decker had thought that Allie would have been the one to give John a reason to fight again, and for a time that was true. Decker could still remember the fights in Cheyenne against the machines and seeing the two of them sneaking through a small conduit to infiltrate the base from his perch high on the mountain. She gave John his reason to fight again and then, while on a routine mission, she and her team disappeared into the ether. It had been days and neither hide nor hair of them had been found by any of the search teams. One of the Dim’s that had been hiding had told them a tale, but it sounded too far fetched even for a Dim to have come up with. Incase though they had ordered increased security around Kansas just to be safe, fearful that the machines would come to call.

And that was how Corporal Decker had ended up here. While the Eagle Watch were down guarding the gates, as a member of Black Shield he had the dubious distinction of being one of the best shots that the Resistance had to offer. Because of that fact he got to roost up in the dilapidated bones of what was once a skyscraper watching the wastelands below. There weren’t many in Black Shield and Decker had the honor of being their very best sniper (which was why he’d found it so unusual that he was called on to be on the front lines) because of his father's teaching him everything that he knew. Though it wasn't like LA was the front of anything really at this point in time. Most of the fighting had been up north of LA and in the area of Pittsburgh according to a runner – another of John’s modified pets. There had been many times that Decker had thought about fragging their new tin can bosses. For some reason the General had found it cute to give them names and ranks in the battalion. It was sickening.

Nothing would have pleased him more than to take down the metal, but they weren’t the ones that were to blame for their new found allied status. That was General Connor’s brilliant idea. A small group inside the Resistance had been meeting and talking about him and his decisions lately. With Skynet surviving the destruction of their primary CPU many thought that Connor was a traitor who committed their forces to a battle that was next to worthless. They lost a third of their number and the machines didn’t die, they just became defectors to their own cause after some creative rewriting that wasn’t permanent in some. Worse, another ill advised engagement had supposedly captured some Skynet weapon, but Connor wouldn't let anyone go near it but the machines. The members of Trust were considering other alternatives and, if things didn’t change, their plans would be set into motion. Decker had a special charge waiting for John. It was the last cell he had from the Assault on Cheyenne, and it had one pulse left.

One shot, one kill. That was all he would need if it came down to it. There was a storm coming, and John Connor would be the first victim.
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