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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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That sounds really good. Are you sure it'll never see the light of day?
“Tressaurian” had been a tough shoot, and it was a “bottle” show (shot almost entirely on the newly built ship sets). "Atlantis" had scenes on the ship with the crew, interior and exterior sets for the mining colony, numerous miners and aliens, which means more costumes and makeup. It was big. And this AFTER I’d pared back the scale of the script considerably from what had preceded my attempts.

Here's a snippet of non-spoiler dialog from Act One.

I was sorry to hear that he...

Me too.
Commander Cutty, my chief of

(knowing smile)
I’ve heard a lot about you, Mr.
They shake hands.
All lies! Except the parts that
sounded fun.
And call me Brian.

And Commander Harris, my first

They sure make ‘em prettier than
when I was in the service!
Callahan tries to kiss Harris’ hand, but she twists it to a
handshake then withdraws.
A pleasure.
* * *
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